Nero Nobile Dolce Gusto Italian Intenso "Intense" Coffee

Nero Nobile Dolce Gusto Italian Intenso "Intense" Coffee

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Whether you are just starting with your day or are looking for a quick boost in energy
to finish the things you need to do, this coffee will be the push you need to be
unstoppable and motivated.

Turn your Dolce Gusto machine into a work companion that will help you turn visions
into reality. The Nero Nobile Dolce Gusto Italian Intenso pods will make very aromatic
coffee, offering flavorful tasting notes of chocolate and nuts with a full body and a
consistently delicious aftertaste. Balance its intensity by pairing it with your favourite
breakfast or light snack.

The most delicious cup of your favourite beverage is waiting for you, order today.

INTENSITY: 10 / 13
Body: 4 / 5
Bitterness: 3 / 5
Acidity: 2 / 5
Aftertaste: 4 / 5

Roasting Level: Medium/Dark Roasted

ARABICA's ORIGIN: Brasile - Honduras

Robusta Origin: India - India - Uganda

Amount: 16 Pods per pack

Machine: Dolce Gusto Only